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Team TSR Synergy off to Nationals

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TSR: When and why did you get involved in tennis? MC: I grew up playing sports, but only dabbled in tennis over the years. When I moved to the Hudson Valley from Seattle, I was fortunate enough to live close to TS&R. I love a sport where you can hit a ball, so tennis was perfect for staying active, losing weight, getting fit and relieving stress. Now it has become a major part of my life. TSR: How long have you been playing with the team? EM: This is my first year on team Synergy. I joined the team to be with my tennis buddies that take clinics with me, and to have the chance after many years to play with Robin Lois as a partner in doubles. TSR: What do you enjoy the most about being part of TSR Synergy team? EM: This team is like magic. When we are together, it is charged with energy and excitement. We love the thrill of competition, we strategize together, we support each other, and we celebrate together. It's absolutely wonderful to be a part of such an amazing group of women! TSR: What is the highest level of competition have you been to before? EM: For overall sports, I played in my softball All-Stars in Texas, and played in the state amateur tournament for golf in Alaska. In tennis, the highest I've made it to is Sectionals, until now of course! TSR: Is this the first time you’ve made it to Nationals? EM: Yes, and what's great is that we were aiming for it with confidence as a team from the beginning of the season. We swept all but one match during our season, and swept one round at Sectionals against the Long Island team, as well. TSR: What will be your preparation routine for the Nationals? EM: Along with a few teammates, I am playing in two clinics, practicing with my teammates in a weekly league, and we are having team practices on weekends. Additionally, I am working on conditioning, footwork, speed, leg and core strength. TSR: What are you looking forward to the most about participating in Nationals? EM: Experiencing the competition and high-level of play at the national level with my amazing teammates, and seeing our hard work pay off as we play and win games/matches. During Regionals and Sectionals, we had to get accustomed to the strict rules for warm-up and match play, being mindful of not making foot faults as the USTA officials monitoring play will call out "FOOT FAULT!". It's nerve racking, but we have worked hard at overcoming nerves and have proven we can play aggressive, controlled tennis throughout Regionals and Sectionals, and we will take that experience and put it to use at Nationals. We have grown closer over the season, so the trip to Nationals in California will be something we remember and talk about for the rest of our lives. TSR: How has tennis and in particular USTA team tennis impacted/changed your life? EM: Tennis has positively impacted my health, and has become a wonderful social outlet. ... Tennis is also a way for me to improve mental strength and is such a healthy outlet after a stressful day or week. Every time I step on the court, it is an escape and a mini-vacation. I leave the court happy, and with a renewed sense of energy. I wish I would have started when I was young, but I am blessed to have found it now for all its amazing benefits. TSR: What role has tennis instruction had on your game? EM: Tennis instruction has been the most important part of my game and responsible for my improvement and level of play today. Yes, I have a passion for tennis. Yes, I put in many hours of training and practicing. That said, those alone will not bring success in tennis, be it a friendly match or a USTA tournament. Tennis instruction and instructors are crucial to understanding and learning the fundamentals of the game, like how to hit a forehand cross-court or down the line, how to volley, how to serve with spin or power, how to set up your partner in doubles, or how to plan an aggressive game and set up points in a singles match. I credit the professionals at Taconic Sport & Racquet for how my game has progressed. Their teaching has helped us grow our games, and in part helped us make it to Nationals. TSR: How often do you play/practice tennis? I play five to six times a week. EM: I play in "Build Your Own" clinics with my teammates on Thursday morning and with three different teammates Thursday night. I play in leagues, hit with the ball machine, and put together fun matches. Our USTA season has been so busy I haven't been able to make the T15 or cardio tennis, but after Nationals, I hope to play in some of the classes. I can't get enough tennis, ever! TSR: Would you recommend people get involved in tennis and why? EM: Number one is, tennis is fun! Playing tennis is one of the most enjoyable sports I've played, and I've played many. You get to play a variety of opponents with unique styles, so the games are interesting, and the points are always different. Hearing the sound of solid contact of the ball on your racquet strings and seeing it land where you want it to is so rewarding! Number two is, tennis is a great way to relieve stress and helps you stay healthy and fit. I have played with a 75-year-old woman who could run me around the court, and she played most of her life. That is a testament to the enduring game tennis is, and the wonderful way it impacts your life. Number three is that it's a great way to meet people and learn a sport at the same time. Over the 13 years, I've played at Taconic Sport & Racquet, I've met wonderful men and women, who play at all levels of the game. We recently had our 2nd Annual TSR Club Championships, and it was truly inspiring to see how many members participated, how their games have evolved, and to see so many members come out to watch and support. TSR: Would you recommend TSR to people? EM: Absolutely! TSR and its owners have put so much into making it a premier tennis facility in the Hudson Valley. I love the newly renovated outdoor courts, with the beauty of nature and the Hudson Valley surrounding them. The new energy efficient lights have improved play on the indoor courts so that you don't have to strain your eyes to follow the ball. Not to mention the number of programs for kids and adults, and classes and clinics and options for getting any kind of tennis training/instruction you want. It has been, as I frequently say, my home away from home. TSR: Any final comments? EM: Joining TSR and playing USTA is one of the best decisions I've made, and this season of USTA has been one of the most exciting times in my life.

Week commencing 17th October our Ladies USTA 40+ Team “TSR Synergy” will be heading to California to play in the USTA National Tennis Championships. The playoffs will take place over the weekend of October 21-23, 2016 at Rancho Mirage. In August TSR Synergy won the regionals for USTA Eastern Section 40+ 3.5 women's. TSR Synergy