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No Strings Attached

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Restringing a tennis racquet at Taconic Sport and Racquet

What tension should I use? What string should I get? Should I get my racket restrung? These are all questions that players have asked themselves at least once in there time playing. All great questions and here are a few tips to update your tennis game.

V for Volley

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Tennis Tips from Simon Gale Taconic Sport and Racquet

When we're looking to volley what I see a lot of is the tip of the racquet moving forward or the old cliche is don't swing on your volleys. What I would like you to try and work on next time you're out on court is keep a V shape between the tip of your racquet, your wrist and your shoulder so we've got a V for volley.

Keep your eye on the ball!

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It is amazing that 90% of players are actually not watching the ball... The most common cliché we hear on the tennis court is, "watch the ball!" While it is a great thing to remind yourself to do, the big question is... are you actually doing it??? A recent study showed that 90% of players

Positive thinking can improve your tennis

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Learn from Angelique Kerber - if you watched and then listened to her talk about "positive thoughts" and "staying calm and in the moment" it shows us all that no matter how hard the opponent (you can argue that she played against the best of all time in her prime) if you believe you can

Do you know how many returns you miss?

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This month I would like you to think about your return-of-serve... The first thing I ask a person when they say to me they made three double faults in a match is, "how many times did you miss a return-of-serve?" It amazes me how many of you can tell me how many double faults you have

Simon’s “Grip Pressure” Tip

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As I look over the courts I see many of you with what I call the "death grip". Holding the racquet like there is no tomorrow! Too tight of a grip tension is not good in tennis.  In fact it is one of the top causes of tennis elbow and poor tennis shots. On a