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TSR Level Policy

Adult Player Level Policy

All players new to Taconic Sport & Racquet (TSR) will be given a free 30-minute hitting session with a Tennis Professional.  During this session, the Tennis Professional will feed balls, play out points, and ask pertinent questions regarding your play history and USTA experience.   At the end of the hitting session, the Tennis Professional will assign a rating that fits within the play levels at TSR.


A player’s USTA rating (C) will be assigned as their TSR level.  If a USTA rating increases or decreases, the TSR rating will follow.  Please note – while Self Rating “S” is required to get your initial USTA player rating (which requires no match play history), it us not recognized as an effective method to determine skill level. In order to be recognized by rating, a match result history must be established, with a computer generated “C” USTA rating.

Mid-Season Level Adjustment

For TSR Members that would like to be re-assessed or feel that their USTA rating is not indicative of their level of play, Taconic Sport & Racquet offers Ratings Day.  These are usually held in July and December.  Details are announced as the date approaches.

Questions? Please email info@taconicracquet.com