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The Eye Coach

Keep your eye on the ball

How many times has your coach said keep your eye on the ball until it makes contact with your racquet? We all know that if we watch the ball we can connect and hit it with more accuracy and touch, but too often we move our eyes right at the last moment.

So how can you improve your focus on the ball right to the point of contact and eliminate head shifting? You need to do some eye strengthening and training! But how do you incorporate eye strengthening into your tennis training?

We have just the thing for you! Taconic Sport & Racquet has just become a home for the Billie Jean King – Eye Coach system.

eye-coach-pro-200hThe Eye Coach is a training aid with a spinning ball that teaches rhythm and focus.When you hit the ball on the Eye Coach it bows forward and then recoils, sending the ball back and allowing you to time your next stroke at a moving ball. The more you can repeat a process correctly, the faster you will build a skill.

Not only will the Eye Coach help you develop your skills faster, it’s fun and you’ll want to keep on hitting it.

Reasons why the Eye Coach is a great aid to your tennis training

Reduced distractions
Because the Eye Coach eliminates the distractions of getting the ball over the net, learning is concentrated on eye strength, stroke and balance.

Repetition, repetition, repetition
The faster correct repetitions are performed, the faster the improvement. You can get 7x more hits with the Eye Coach than with traditional coaching methods. What used to take years to learn now takes weeks.

Works at all levels of play
The Eye Coach is the only system that can be used by pros and beginners alike. Eye strength is a skill every player can improve (yes, even Federer).

No slipping back
Use the Eye Coach to maintain play levels between coaching sessions. In fact, in just 30 minutes a week, you’ll actually improve your skills!

Powerful instinctual learning
Instinctive reactions are the most powerful athletic movements in the human body. The stronger your eye at contact, the more you can tap into and utilize these instincts to become a better player much faster.

Want to Purchase and “Eye Coach”?
If you are interested in purchasing an “Eye Coach” make sure you discuss this with your teaching pro.  They will give you a special code that will get you a discount at check-out.